Sagittarius, personal zodiac sign poster

Horoscope: November 22 – December 21
Element: Fire
Polarity: Positive
Quality: Mutable
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Ruling House: Ninth
Spirit Color: Light Blue
Lucky Gem: Topaz
Flower: Carnations & crocuses
Top Love Matches: Aries
Personalized zodiac sign in the black and white poster. This poster is a perfect dip present and interior decoration of the home.

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This is a stylish poster with an illustration of the constellation of the sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius (Greek: Τοξότης Toxotes, Latin: Sagittarius) is the ninth astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation Sagittarius and spans 240–270th degrees of the zodiac. Sagittarius, the half-human and half-horse, is the centaur of mythology, the learned healer whose higher intelligence forms a bridge between Earth and Heaven. Also known as the Archer, Sagittarius is represented by the symbol of a bow and arrow.

Sagittarius is amazing! Their name says it all:

S for seductive

A for adventurous

G for grateful

I for intelligent

T for trailblazing

T for tenacious adept

A for adept

R for responsible

I for idealistic

U for unparalleled

S for sophisticated

Let’s add your zodiac sign on the wall by this poster. This print fits nicely together with other motifs in a gallery wall. Combine with any of our other posters for a nice collage!