American flags with Empire State Building poster

American spirit is denoted in this photo of two American flags projecting from a building is highlighted, when Empire State Building and other skyscrapers are in the background behind.

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The poster depicts the Empire State Building from a totally different angle – vaguely appearing behind other buildings and becoming the background of American flags. The poster is in black and white, so details of buildings and the shape of flags attracts notice. Two flags which are small project from 2 sides of a building. However, from this low-angle view, it looks like they are aligned in the same vertical direction. They stay quietly since there is no wind. Buildings in the background stand tall with thousands of identical windows on them. The Empire State Building is in the center with it famous pointed top, but it is just a blur in the background behind the flags. The American spirit is what the artist wants to show in this photograph, when American flags appear aesthetically with Empire State Building and other skyscrapers in the background.