Deers at the edge of the winter forest poster

A snowy scene of a herd of red deer standing at the edge of a winter forest. In the background, green-leave trees are covered with snow. The deers with reddish-brown fur look like warm fire.

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The poster is a photograph of deers curiously looking at the camera at the edge of a winter forest. Deers are often associated with forests ranging from tundra to tropical forests. To survive cold weather, deer change their fur to a winter coat consisting of thicker, longer hair, and darker hair (guard hair) in the undercoat. In this image is a group of red deer species with reddish-brown colored fur. There are both male and female deer with different sizes. The male deer (stag) has a stable look on its face. In the background, trees with green leaves are covered with snow, creating a background with cold ambiance. But those deers with fire-like coat seemingly make the winter warmer. This poster of deers standing at the edge of the winter forest is suitable for decoration in elegant tone.