Rauks in Baltic sea of Gotland at night poster

An eye-relaxing night landscape photograph of rauks field in Baltic sea of Gotland. A beautiful milky way with shooting star on the sky.

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This captivating image is of rauks at night in Baltic sea, Gotland. This column-like landform is popular in Sweden and Norway. Rauks occur often in groups called “raukfält” or “rauk fields”. Among those, the limestone rauks of Gotland in the Baltic Sea are best known. 

Rauks are usually formed by wave erosion. On Gotland, rauks are chiefly formed along or near the escarpment or cliffed coast from the last ice cage. Gotland rauks consists of limestone representing reefs that existed in the Silurian period. As waves batters against limestone cliffs, pre-existing vertical fractures begins to erode and widen. Eventually this leads to the formation of caves that merge with the remaining central rock mass becoming rauks.

What could be a better view to contemplate the milky way than by a coast? The calming blue of the night sky and the sea helps us to relax our eyes and our mind after a long exhausting day. Rauks at night become embellishments for the peaceful landscape.

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