Surreal floating island with meadow illustration poster

Beautiful illustration of a surreal floating island in atmosphere with serene scenery with fresh meadow, animals in freedom, as a heaven above tough world.

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The poster is a surreal graphic illustration in which exists a floating island with green meadow. High above the sky, beyond, mountain peaks, intertwined with clouds, is this fantasy floating island. It’s like a Utopia world that separately moves on out there. There are meadow, trees, some small mountains, a few houses, sheeps and a flock of birds flying in freedom.

Floating island is popular in fiction along with floating cities. These extremely large structures can float on water or in the atmosphere by scientific or magical means, co-existing with real life.

This aerial island first appeared in a historically famous work of Homer – Odyssey – as the habitat of a God. This structure, in this way, presented since 8th century BC. And its presence goes on until modern time with increased images in a lot of cartoons, mangas. Throughout the long historic path, floating island had it names in many famous novels or story, such as Gulliver’s Travels of Jonathan Swift of science fiction of Hugo Gernsback. In the 20th century, people even created a thermal airship with the inspiration from floating islands with the imagination of a migratory lifestyle.

While on the ground above is the scene of a devastated dessert, the beautiful and serene scene is flying above. It can be a symbol of adults dreaming about a better place out there, beside the real tough world. Floating island can also be an exciting illustration with kids – they deserve seeing this epic scenery for their mind really welcome this.

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