Vector winter night scene with pine forest poster

A all-in-blue vector illustration of a winter night scene with a pine forest sunk in snow. Simple poster but it provokes many feelings.

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This poster is a vector illustration of a winter night scene with pine forest. The whole scene is immersed in different tones of dark blue with adornments of white color which stands for snowflakes. The coldness, the color and faint light of winter time indeed have a strong influence on moods: we easily feel gloomy and uninspired during this time. Consider how the blue color of winter nights is used in painting and songs related to sorrow. And besides, we can be calmed thanks to this weather if we are kind of a hot-headed and arrogant character. Many researches have proved it. This vector winter night scene along with a pine forest illustration doesn’t need too many details but can provoke many feelings.

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