Vintage pink camellia in bloom with grunge effect poster

A photo that is manipulated with grunge texture effect of blooming pink camellia flowers and buds. The gloomy tone of this poster makes it antique and vintage in a fancy way.

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The poster is a vintage photo of blooming pink camellia flowers and buds with grunge effect. Pink camellia relates to longing and desire. You can use pink camellia, no matter which shades of pink, to express that you miss and you’re longing for your loved one who is apart from you.

Besides, this photo is manipulated by a technique of creating a rugged, scratched or worn surface called grunge. In creating this unique texture, we cover images with subdued tones and gloomy shades. This is a deliberate way of making an antique look and aging effect. The bright pinky of blooming camellia petals becomes the color of withered flowers. The poster, thus, reminds you of old photos kept in hand-writing love letters or postcards of the good old times. 

This vintage poster of pink camellia with grunge effect is just good for decorating your house in a fancy way.

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