White origami butterflies on white background poster

Photo of two origami (made from paper) butterflies on white background. The poster shows charming attraction from a simple creativity. It’s good as an educational poster.

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The poster is an installation of two white butterflies fold from paper, or origami butterflies, on a white background. These two insects are put alongside right edge of the poster, leaving a blank space. They then look like an ornamental string. For centuries, cultures have come up with creative ways to artistically approach, adopt, and adapt the paper craft. While many of these practices can be individually traced to specific countries of origin, most – including papier – mâché, a French-sounding craft that was actually conceived in ancient China – boast colorful histories that span cultures, countries, and even continents. One popular practice that has left a particularly extensive paper trail across the globe is origami, the art of paper folding. Though most closely tied to Japan, origami also has roots in China and Europe. Here, we explore the practice’s unique history to understand how each culture has shaped the beautiful and beloved art form. The poster of origami butterflies brings you a new way of contemplation of nature.

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