A girl on the flower field poster

A landscape that only appears in wonderland or fairy tales where a girl in a blue dress is showing her back on a blue flowers field.

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A gracefully mesmerizing photo of a girl showing her back on a periwinkle blue (lavender blue) colored flowers field. The girl wears a long dress resembling a gown in periwinkle blue color – the same color with flowers in the field underneath her. Though the figure and the field are in the same color, they are not faded out or taken place by each other. Each has its own characteristics. One is tiny, one is big and spread out; one is adorable, the other is charming. 

The scene makes us feel that it only appears in wonderland. The blue color is in a continuing placement: it runs from the ground to the sky. The soothing shade of blue helps us to relax our eyes. The girl just shows her back. Anyone of girls out there can be her. They can totally put their mind in this picture and dream about a fairy tale for their own.

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