A rainbow on the sky poster

A nice picture of a fantasy multicolored rainbow on the sky with white clouds. This poster is suitable for decoration and design anywhere in your house because of the happy and luckily feeling it brings.

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A nice poster of a fantasy magical landscape rainbow on the sky with white clouds.

Rainbows are meteorological phenomena, caused by reflection and dispersion of light in water drops, producing a spectrum of multicolored light in the form of an arc in the sky. They always appear opposite the sun. They can be seen whenever water drops are in the air, and the sunlight shines behind the observer.

Rainbows are an unpredictable appearance. Their appearance is uncommon and brings a sense of magic. They appear suddenly and disappear the same way, but are always a wonderful thing to witness.

Rainbows are generally a symbol of hope and wish fulfillment. They also symbolize luck and fortune, mutual love and spirituality. Rainbows are also a symbol of mutual love. For couples, dreams about rainbows also signify happiness and emotional bliss in the future.

A rainbow poster is suitable for hanging anywhere blank walls are welcome because of the happy and comfortable feeling it brings.