Galaxy in a watercolor stroke poster

This poster is a watercolor painting depicting a gorgeous galaxy with just a few simple techniques of painting. It’s impressive and attractive as stars always appear to people for a long time.

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With just a few simple techniques of watercolor painting, a beautiful galaxy appears in this poster. Using the color blending technique, the artist created a gradient of different tones of blue to mimic the space. Then by sprinkling white gouache color on this background, many stars started to twinkle like in a galaxy. Especially, the space was not painted in a full background but just a few strokes on a white background. This made the painting more impressive and attractive than normal. Reaching the stars has been passion of men for a long time, as far as the beginning of the human civilization. Stars have existed in many forms such as decoration, clothes, daily or royal items, divination,… With modern technology, people have opportunities to look closer at milky ways, to fly amid them and to take gorgeous photos of them. But still, painting remains as a favorite way to express galaxies of their own which helps them to transfer their ideas and feelings into artworks.

Galaxies stand for one of the most beautiful things in the world and dreams of people. This poster of galaxy in watercolor can be hung anywhere blank wall.