Bird’s feathers with dark blue color poster

A photo taken by macro technique to depict dark blue feather texture at a close distance. The blue color helps soothing and calming souls.

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This poster is a close-up image of a bird’s feathers with dark blue color, showing a texture. This macro photo shows a normal item in a strange and unique way that makes it become otherworldly. Each barb looks like a scratch with a different blue tone on a blue background. Blue can be the most favored color, according to many researches conducted. It is believed to calm, soothing souls. In terms of work, the blue color helps increasing and reinforcing creativity.

Specifically, dark blue – the color of the night sky, of the mystery – has a robust and grounding energy flow. It relates to security, quality, personal wisdom and serenity. 

Therefore, you can this poster of dark blue feather texture in areas of your home related to money management such as the study, desk or kitchen table where you plan your finances, or in offices for working that needs creativity.

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