Unicorn silhouette poster

A beautiful picture with a black silhouette of a unicorn which is jumping and galloping on the white background. This poster is suitable to hang anywhere in your house because of the magic and lucky feeling it brings.

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A nice poster with a black silhouette of a beautiful galloping, jumping unicorn on the white background.

The unicorn meanings are innocence, feminine energy, mysticism, magic, health, and purity. There are also writings about Unicorns in that where they exist, there are hope and joy. Because of this creature’s horn, Unicorns represent the Male energies in all their potency. In addition, unicorns also have associations with the moon, which is feminine and instinctive. As such, unicorns could easily represent the marriage and balance between emotions and logic.

It is easy to see unicorn references in fantasy novels, children’s books, and other mythical stories throughout generations.  Unicorns are mythical animals and appear as a white horse with a single horn from its forehead. Besides, legend has it that unicorns are difficult to catch, only people with a pure heart can approach them. Unicorns live for a thousand years and become the noblest of animals.

A jumping unicorn silhouette poster is suitable for decorating anywhere in your house.

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