Girl with mud on face portrait poster

This poster is a portrait photograph of a girl with mud mask on her face taken in a studio on a black background. This works well as a commercial poster.

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This poster is a close-up portrait of a girl with mud on her face. Portrait photographs are an effective way to express ideas when we hang them in your house. In this case, the figure closes her eyes and her face doesn’t have any special expression, but it’s actually a way to create an expression. Indeed, the make-up on her face is minimalized which gives her a natural and peaceful look. She’s just feeling the serenity coming from the earth, which in this case is the mud (or clay) mask on her face. Mud (clay) mask has long been a favorite method of skincare in many regions in the world. It helps purifying your skin and brings freshness to your body. Therefore, this ‘girl with mud on her face” portrait can be used as a commercial poster in any spa. It doesn’t cost much, but helps you to gain you a lot. 

The portraiture is taken in a studio with a black background, which makes it easy for you to decorate your space.

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