Dandelion field in digital oil painting poster

A dreamy dandelion field in digital oil painting which brings you cozy and warmness of sunshine in cold ambiance. A poster that can heal any broken heart!

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An oil painting, not on canvas but on the computer screen, depicts a colourful dandelion flower field of high density. The main hue of the illustration is similar to the hue of the sky: a gradient of green and cyan. A major vast of the dandelion field is in this cold tone which symoolizes the ambiance of winter. However, a part of the field is in bright colors which denotes the sunlight scattering. The painting, thus, is describing scenery in the transitional period spring-summer.

This poster is really pretty and it can make people feel cozy. Put it in any space to bring you sunshine, to help you overcome any hard time in your life!

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