A peaceful boardwalk towards the beach poster

A serene and peaceful scenery of a walkway towards the blue ocean on a sunny day. The path made from white wooden planks which are harmonious with the whole tone of the sunshine and the sand dune.

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The poster is a peaceful boardwalk towards the beach. On both sides of the path is wild grass in the color of dark brown. The boardwalk is made up of white wooden planks. This color makes the walkway harmonious with the sand dune. The sunlight gently touches everything, making them shine vibrantly. There is nobody interrupting the serenity of this landscape. The viewpoint of the photograph generates a feeling of excitement and longing. The good thing (the beach) is yet to come, but it is approaching. That makes the beach that vaguely appears in a far distance more attractive. The fact that the boardwalk towards the beach is the main figure somehow provokes the curiosity in viewers.

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