Ballerina in peach color tutu outline drawing poster

Poster of a ballerina in peach color tutu dress performing barefoot. The figure is depicted by black and white outline drawing with a small embellishment of color on white background.

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The ballerina in this poster looks like a fairy and a flower at the same time when wearing the peach color tutu. Just simple outline but can describe a whole lot of things, representing a vivid picture of the dance scene. She’s dancing barefoot on her tip-toe  – a skill that demands efforts and times.

Ballet has its origin back from the 15th century in Italy then spread to France and Russia. Over time, it became globally appreciated and its foundational techniques became the standard for other dance genres.

Traditional classical ballets use elaborate costumes and staging, whereas modern ballets, such as the neoclassical works of American choreographer George Balanchine, often are performed in simple costumes (e.g., leotards and tights) and without the use of elaborate sets or scenery. From 1550, the classical Roman dress had a strong influence on costume design: silk skirts were voluminous; positioning of necklines and waistlines and the design of hairstyles were based on the components of everyday dress, although on the stage key details were often exaggerated.  At the turn of the twentieth century, ballet costumes reformed again under the more liberal influence of the Russian choreographer Michel Fokine. Ballerina skirts changed gradually to become knee-length tutus -a multilayered skirt that creates an impression of lightness and flight- designed to show off the point work and multiple turns, which formed the focus of dance practice.

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