Flamingo with long legs in cloudy sky poster

Poster of a fantasy imagination in which a flamingo with super long legs standing on the clouds up above the mint sky. This poster is a reminder for you to release all the negative things bottled up inside you.

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Flamingo is usually spotted standing on one leg, while the other leg is hidden underneath its body. Flamingo, since ancient times, has been a spirit animal, or the representation of God, or something delicate in quite a lot of countries.

Nowadays, flamingo still keeps its meaning related to positivity. If a flamingo appears in your dreams, it’s a warning for you to get rid of all strong emotions or negative things bottled up inside you for a long time. This animal is there to tell you that it’s time to go out and have fun. Releasing bad things helps you balance your mind, your life and head towards a positive perspective. That’s why balance is another name for flamingos. It can not only equally stand but also equally live its life.

Especially, in this poster, this spirit animal is depicted in a dreamy background – clouds on azure sky. It’s one leg is weirdly long going through clouds towards the ground. This scene seems only to appear in your dreams. Therefore, hanging the poster in your room is like a reminder for you to escape all your negative feelings that the circulation of work and life brings.

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