Pop art style black woman biting lips poster

Pop art style illustration focusing on a black woman biting lips with trendy green sunglasses. The background is the combination of contrast colors of pink and green. The hair color of the girl is in complementary color – blue.

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The poster depicts a black woman biting lips in the pop art style. She looks swag with green-framed pink sunglasses and blue hair. The figure stands out on a halftone retro dot comic background. The background is also a combination of red and pink in a spiral movement, embellished by yellow dots

Pop art style can be easily pointed out by the use of bold and saturated colors, strong outline, and images from mass cultures. These elements make pop art illustrations look like they are taken out from cartoons or comics. When presented in a fine art setting, the line between what is “high culture” and what is common and every day becomes blurred. Even everyday and normal things like a coke can be vividly depicted in pop art illustrations, integrating glamor into our everyday life.

Pop Art emerged in the mid-1950s and 60s in Britain and America. It is one of the world’s largest art movements and still used in design to this day. This type of art which reflected optimism, affluence, materialism, leisure, and consumption of postwar society can vigorously grab the attention of viewers instantly.

To better decorate your space with this pop art style poster of a black woman biting lips, the walls should be painted with white or pastel colors. Besides, furniture should be also in bold colors of the same tones with pop-art posters or in contrast colors.