Woman flying like a flow abstract poster

An abstract watercolor painting with brilliant colors that illustrates a woman with long golden hair flying like a flow in freedom towards the aura of the sun.

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An abstract watercolor painting illustrating a woman flying like a flow. Although the painting depicts the woman in a simplified way, we can see that this is a young woman with a long golden hair embellished by a wreath. The wreath has long strings of leaves and flowers running along her hair. This look makes us imagine about Rapunzel, a figure in a German fairytale. In this story, the girl is locked up by a sorceress in a high level of a tower without stairs. It’s her long hair that helps her to meet her true love and then she can escape the tower. And in this abstract illustration, the woman looks like she’s flying like a flow in joy and she’s celebrating her freedom. The background is made by spiral colors that look like an aura from a sun. The woman has a shape of a flow of power and joy heading towards a bright place. The poster, thus, has a girly color and a girly image but a strong inspiration for any locked soul. 

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