Sad woman sitting by the window in black and white poster

Black and white portrait of a woman sitting next to window, looking straight at the camera. Her sadness shows clearly through her eyes and her facial expression.

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The poster is a black and white photograph denoting a portrait of a beautiful woman by the window with a truly sad face. Thus, it creates a strong emotion and wonder of anyone who looks at it.

When you look at a portrait, whether it is new or old, painted or photographed, you are seeing a person. Portraits ignite the imagination and populate a room with hidden stories — you can’t help but wonder what the subjects were thinking, feeling and doing. Any art form possesses the capacity to touch our emotions. Portrait images carry with them an additional dimension of expression that communicates how we feel about ourselves, our world, and those closest to us. Portrait subject matter and settings are limited only by imagination … children as they grow, family times or events, expressive personal statements. All are appropriate for decorative portraiture.

When using a portrait poster for decoration, remember that the portrait’s overall color theme should blend with or complement the room’s color palette. The poster of the sad woman is in the color which fits many spaces.

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