Fantastic winter night in the sky illustration poster

A fantastic and dreamlike scenery of a playground for kids upon clouds where kids swinging with the moon, kites flying over the space. The tone of the poster looks blue with tones of white and indigo.

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The poster is a fantastic illustration of the gloomy ambiance of a foggy winter night sky with two main tones of white and indigo. It creates a fantasy scenery that appears only in your dreams or in fairy tales. You can see two children swinging in a space where the ground made from clouds. One of them is swinging with the swing hung to the moon. A small lake is in the center with a fountain. There are also many games for kids such as kites, seesaws, bird cages, boats,… The whole place seems like an ideal space for kids to play – a playground in heaven. All should be placed in a sunny and bright ambiance, but the blue takes place. Therefore, this fantastic illustration brings with it a melancholy and mournful feeling. It is customized for kids with ruptures in their souls.

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