Sunset in Lofoten islands poster

A staggering photograph of sunset at lake in Lofoten islands, Norway with dramatic mountains and golden grass field. A calming landscape that is a part of a whole stunning Lofoten.

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This poster is a staggering image of sunset scenery in Lofoten islands. Lofoten is one of the best places in northern Norway which can bring you unforgettable experiences with nature. Thanks to its diverse landscape, you can find various spots and activities to enjoy this place. And contemplating sunset at lake in this poster is quite an example. 

Here you can see a range of mountains (or rocks) with dramatic peaks and slopes that form a bay. And despite its position in the Arctic circles, the weather in this group of islands stays mild and comfortable with temperatures rarely below freezing. The sky is quite uncloudy and we can clearly see things’ reflection in the lake’s surface. The grass field on the lake’s border seems like it is gilded with gold powders from sun lights. The whole scene creates a majestic sunset view in Lofoten for any dreamy soul. 

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