World map vector illustration poster

A vector illustration of world map with simple colors: gray and white. The continents are depicted by simplified silhouettes and the oceans are just white background.

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This poster is a spread out vector illustration of world map with 2 simple colors: gray and white. In a flat version, there are distortions when projecting the Earth’s surface. Constructing a world map requires diverse techniques and global knowledge. Indeed, knowledge of the Earth’s surface has been accumulating for many centuries and it is only near accuracy thanks to technology development nowadays. 

We can show many types of information on a world map such as territorial boundaries, geographic features, demographic and economic statistics of even traffic in online maps. We can tell stories by drawing maps. In this case, we tell our kids, or people have no chance to go out, about a great world out there with 6 continents, lots of islands and what links them: the oceans. In this vector illustration, the world map is simplified. All the ground is just a silhouette, and oceans become one with the white background. The poster is suitable for design in a minimalist style.