NO. 5 text poster

No. 5 – a simple text but tells a lot about a legend in fashion world. It stands for a fragrance, for Coco Chanel, for the haute couturier Chanel and for the liberation of feminine spirit of the 1920s.

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The poster is a solely a text “No. 5” with a bold black border on a white background. Number 5 has been a legend for a long time, since the early 20th century. No need too many details, just a simple text is enough to tell a story about a famous figure of fashion world – Gabrielle Coco Chanel and her brand – Chanel. The French couturier’s fragrance is a celebration of the liberated feminine spirit of the 1920s. Hanging this poster of “No.5” on your wall is like hanging a symbol of feminism, fashion and elegance. Why hesitate to show the fashionable chic self of you?

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