A lonely tree in the vast space poster

A simple ink wash painting of a single tree in the middle of a great space. With just minimal outline and different shades of gray, the poster can evoke a deep feeling of loneliness.

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In this poster stands a lonely tree in the middle of a vast space which is depicted by the technique of ink wash painting. Ink wash painting is a type of art coming from East Asia, using black ink and brush in calligraphy. This type of art does not focus on specific imitation but it’s about capturing the spirit of subjects. As we can see in this painting, the sky, the lake, the mountains and even the ground are all illustrated in different shades of a white and gray color. Only the tree appears clearly with the dark shade of black. The black shade is small compared to what remains in the painting. Therefore, the loneliness of the main figure – the tree – is this ink wash artwork impresses us more strongly.

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