Busy New York City black and white illustration poster

The poster is a black and white illustration of a busy and crowded New York City with a mass of skyscrapers, advertising banners in big size and taxi cabs moving around.

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The poster depicts a busy New York City through an outline illustration in manga style. Seems like black and white contour drawing technique is an effective way to demonstrate the cram of windows in tall buildings and streets congested with traffic. Indeed, New York City is characterized by skyscrapers from low-rise to high-rise and gathers the largest amount of skyscrapers in the world. Besides, one more thing typical is the presence of commercial banners and advertising posters all over this city. These banners are mostly in big size and are of many subjects from restaurants, cinema, theatre to cosmetics with images of brand’s representative.

The perspective of this illustration is from a low-angel in level of a car stopping in front of the traffic light. And talk about cars, the car that in the focused zone and many cars behind taxi cabs – also a symbol of this American city. Those cabs are shifting to take citizens and tourists to attractions – which are very various and of different styles. In just a frame, we can see almost all kinds of place for people to hang out: cinemas, cosmetics shops, restaurants, bars, pubs,…

An impressive illustration which can bring a lot of the busy New York into a small space – why don’t pick it as a deco stuff for your house now?