Girl in low-back dress in floral background poster

Simple black and white outline drawing describing a girl in low-back dress with some splashes of watercolor make a poster of a bride in her wedding with beautiful flowers.

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In this black and white sketch, a girl is turning her face backward showing a fully exposed back when wearing a low-back dress (blackless dress).

Backless dresses first appeared in the 1920s then became quite the trend in the ’30s because it can help to show off a tan without tan lines – a fashion trend at that time. The wearer usually had to be slim to be able to pull off the effect. Previously, if a girl had a tan it meant that she was working outside and was therefore of lower social status since only the lower classes were forced to spend their days outdoors. But when sunning gained steam in the ’30s, the glow of one’s skin took on whole new sexy meaning and designers began dipping a lady’s backside to reveal more than just her shoulder blades.

The amount of the back exposed by a low-back dress can vary, with some styles leaving the upper or upper and middle back uncovered, and exposing the shoulder blades. In this poster, the low-back dress that the girl’s wearing looks like a wedding dress and the girl also wears a typical hairstyle of brides. The simple white color of the dress is pushed by colorful splashes of watercolor that mimics flowers – things brides hold in her marriage. Thus, with some fat outline drawing brush and splashes of color, a bride in her important day appears vividly.

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