New York street watercolor poster

A watercolor illustration in sepia (yellow brown) tone of a romantic New York street after the rain with buildings in french renaissance architecture.

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A subtle watercolor painting of a street in Manhattan, New York City that is submerged in sepia tone and dark green color. This tone creates an antique ambiance as well as the feeling about sunset. There are cars moving on the street. There are also skyscrapers standing tall at a far distance. But still, there’s a place for apartment buildings in red bricks. The buildings in this street view are inspired by french renaissance architecture which featured a great use of doorways and windows. This type of architecture brings New York a traditional beauty integrated in the modern of this busy city. The use of brown yellow and orange creates the ambiance of sunset. It’s like the color of the sky after a rain. This watercolor painting of a New York street then represents a romantic Paris-look-alike city.

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