Three colored balloons in cartoon style on white background poster

The poster depicts three flying multicolored balloons on white background. These balloons are illustrated in cartoon style which easily gets kids’ favor and attention.

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The poster is created by using vector illustration to depict three colored balloons in cartoon style. The reflected light brush is added to create a 3d effect usually seen in cartoons and comics.

What’s never missed in all parties, especially parties for kids? Definitely, it balloons. And what’s more exciting? It’s when balloons are combined with another favorite thing of kids: cartoon. Balloons are often used as a reward from parents for a child’s effort or goodness, especially when families go to theme parks. Therefore, watching a poster of balloons bring back for kids the feeling of excitement when holding balloons in hand. Moreover, the vivid colors the illustration uses are like colors for kids’ life. Life with colors is a life that is worth living, a happy life. And 3 basic colors: red, yellow and green which are used to paint the poster are the fundamental thing to build a lot more colors. Or we can say that with a simple poster of a childish thing – balloons in cartoon style, parents can give their hope for the growth of children one day.

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