Yoga lotus pose blue icon on white background poster

The poster is a vector blue icon illustration of a figure in lotus pose of yoga on white background. This is a common and well-known posture of yoga as well as of meditation.

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The yoga lotus pose is called Padmasana, or briefly the Padma in the Sanskrit language which means lotus flower. The lotus symbolizes growth towards perfection and enlightenment as it is rooted in the mud at the bottom of the pond, but rises to shine as a beautiful flower in the sunlight above the water. To do this pose, your legs form petals of a lotus flower by sitting cross-legged. Shiva, the founder God of Buddhism has been depicted in this position. Lotus pose can also be used for meditation, and it’s the beginning or ending posture in many yoga classes. Thus, the pose is considered the most recognized (or classic) yoga pose nowadays. However, it’s indeed an advanced posture, which has a simplified version named Sukhasana with less flexibility required. 

Lotus Pose is traditionally known to calm the mind and prepare the practitioner for deep meditation. It also stretches the knees, ankles, and hips; and strengthens the spine and upper back. This pose also increases circulation in the spine and pelvis, which can help to ease menstrual discomfort and distress in the female reproductive organs. That’s why the Lotus pose can be called “the destroyer of all diseases”.