Greek Erechtheum column sketch poster

The poster denotes a symbolic architecture of Greece: the Erechtheum column. The iconic image is illustrated by a black and white sketch and it is embellished by a splash of beautiful blue watercolor.

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The Erechtheum column is a well-known Greek architecture in the iconic Erechtheum temple. The scroll forms (carved braided band) at the top of the column (the capital) and its tall slender profile indicate that this is the Ionic order. The column is formed of four pieces (known as “drums”) and is fluted (decorated with vertical grooves). Just below the scroll shapes (also called volutes) are decorative moldings, including one called “egg and dart” (egg shapes alternating with V-shapes), and below that a ring of plant-like shapes—an alternating palmette and lotus pattern.

The Erechtheum’s volutes are the most complex of all Greek Ionic capitals, having a series of tightly spaced creases or canals resembling fine drapery. The central swag in the canals, a characteristic feature of Greek Ionic capitals, emphasizes the drapery-like character. Bead-and-reel bands highlight each of the ridges in the sides of the volutes. The egg-and-dart motif is repeated on the abacus.

The architecture of Greek Erechtheum columns now inspires many architectures in the world. But they remain the symbol of Greece, elegant and holy as in this sketch.

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