Steampunk airship fantasy illustration poster

The poster is a beautiful and surreal illustration of a steampunk airship flying up above the space, through galaxies. This image bring us back to the favorite imagination of people in 19th century.

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Appeared in the era that steam-powered machinery rules, steampunk airships were usually imagined in a complicated and beautiful way by steampunk enthusiasts. As one would expect in a fantasy world, they come in great variety — made for battle, trade, or leisure, they fly over modern cityscapes and bucolic valleys alike.

An airship is a lighter-than-air aircraft that can be directed on its course through the air using rudders and propellers or other thrusts. Unlike other aerodynamic aircraft, such as fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, airships and balloons stay aloft by filling a large cavity, such as a balloon, with a lifting gas.

These airships are a great deal larger than their softer counterparts and can cover greater distances, giving them the ability to cross most of Earth’s oceans. Their use in the real world fell drastically after the Hindenburg disaster. The Hindenburg disaster occurred in 1937, long after both the Victorian and Edwardian eras had ended.

In this poster, the steampunk airship is made more fantastic by placing in a background of galaxies. The boat underneath the balloon is decorated with a great deal of complexities. Besides, an airship used for traveling oceans is now for traveling in spaces. The imagination here is raised to the next level, blow a more dreamlike world ambiance into your room.

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